Founded in 1983, Adezan acts as a Logistic Operator and manufacturer of Industrial Packaging.

Adezan differs by offering complete, customized, innovative and sustainable solutions that encompass the entire customer supply chain. Between several models applied to each and specific need, like, milk-run, just in time, kamban, and other models

Constantly investing in technology, the company is in the process of continuous improvement and the application of know-how acquired over all of these years. Through its operational and management excellence, the company guarantees speed, efficiency and productivity in a fully integrated process.


Mapa Adezan

Our History


Opening of the company The corporate office moved to Barueri – SP. Investment in TMS and Sorter software. ABVTEX Certification. Recording of a segment for the TV show Fantástico. Investment in industrial automation in the packaging factories.


The Steelcap Project innovates and modernizes glass packaging in the global market. Investment in a complete pressing and automatic packaging line. Start of E-Commerce Services. Inauguration of the Araçariguama – Industrial District branch. Expansion of the Warehouse in the center of Araçariguama to 15,000 m2. Celebrating 30 years of Adezan. Participation in the Intermodal fair.


Licensing phase for “Redex” and expansion of retail logistics. The production of Metal Racks begins. Participation in the Movimat fair.


The third general warehouse is built, measuring 15,000 m2, with a container terminal for 3000 TEUs, located in São Vicente near the port of Santos.


The company added honeycomb packaging and special carton to its portfolio. It builds the second general warehouse, measuring 10,000 m2, and begins retail logistics with a company in the men’s garment segment. 450 stores throughout the whole Brazil territory.


Start of operations of the general warehouse distribution center for customer.


Construction of the first general warehouse, measuring 12,000 m2, located at KM 50 of the Castelo Branco Highway.


The company undergoes restructuring with the deployment of corporate management concept and segments the operations with the opening of three new units: the Central Office in Alphaville, with the purpose of centralizing the strategic decisions of the company Global Packing, accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture and specialized in “HT” phytosanitary treatment of wood, making it suitable for export; and Adezan Rental, equipment rental for handling and packaging.


KraftCap wins the 2006 Abre Design e Embalagem award, classified as the future packaging in this segment due to its ease of disposal; – 50% less weight; – 30% better in optimizing storage. Opening of the first manufacturing unit with packaging engineering at the customer’s site.


The company develops KraftCap: a new concept for flat glass packaging that provided a major cost reduction compared to wood. It begins a continuous professionalization process, and introduces the concept of the “Balanced Score Card” (BSC) in all units.


In February, ISO 9001 certification was obtained for the packaging production scope and provision of “in company” logistics services.


The ISO deployment schedule is revised and the work is also extended to the new branch in Caçapava and “in company” logistics operations.


Work for implementation of ISO 9001 begins in Head Office factory, with the objective of certification at the end of 2002. First branch located in Caçapava – SP is inaugurated to serve the entire Vale do Paraíba region.


Export of the Box Frame to Argentina.


Supply Quality Certificate – 1997 – Elevadores Atlas – Villares – and Zanetti, Barossi S/A – Industria e Comércio: Certifications for quality and punctuality in the service provision during the year 1997, highlighting its commitment in the pursuit of excellence.


The company inaugurates a new factory in São Paulo. It becomes an exclusively in-company logistics service and packaging industry and innovates in the market with the differential of customer service and focus on complete solutions, costs optimization, processes and sustainability, and the implementation of best practices with or without the provision of equipment and “reverse logistics”. Packaging production and delivery for storage and shipment of the product within the customer’s plant.


Big Box packing wins the Embalanews trophy in the Innovation category, replacing metal drums for transport of liquid.


A new concept of Glass Frame/Endcap was created. The concept of packaging for SBR – Synthetic Rubber – was improved.


The company invests heavily in the packaging development and engineering area.


Start of the industrial packaging industry activity in RS and RJ. “In-company” logistics services are introduced into the portfolio with the attainment of its first customer.


Founded in 1983 under the name Adelino Zanchet & Filhos with the purpose of the exploring civil construction activity and the building of bank branches.