Environmental Responsibility

Adezan is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner through actions to mitigate impacts, use resources conscientiously and comply with legislation.


Logística Reversa 2 Reverse Logistics Reverse Logistics at Adezan is carried out through the reform of various wooden containers and steel racks that are later reused by our customers. This prevents the manufacture and acquisition of new packaging, as well as contributing to the environment, avoiding the unnecessary felling of trees, saving energy and consequently generating financial and process gains for our customer.
 Reaproveitamento Resíduos2 Reuse of Waste – The reuse of waste is carried out in two ways: by splicing small pieces of timber for packaging and the sale of sawdust for boiler plants.
 Reflorestamento 2 Reforestation – All the wood used by Adezan is sourced from reforestation.
 Comprovante Idoneidade Proof of Origin – Adezan requests and controls the documentation confirming the suitability of the raw material purchased from its suppliers. State regularization certificates are required from its suppliers: CETESB, FATMA, IAP, SEMA and IBAMA.