Environmental Responsibility

Adezan is committed to managing its business in a sustainable manner through actions to mitigate impacts, use resources conscientiously and comply with legislation.

Logística Reversa 2

Reverse Logistics 

Reverse Logistics at Adezan is carried out through the reform of various wooden containers and steel racks that are later reused by our customers. This prevents the manufacture and acquisition of new packaging, as well as contributing to the environment, avoiding the unnecessary felling of trees, saving energy and consequently generating financial and process gains for our customer.

Reaproveitamento Resíduos2

Reuse of Waste

The reuse of waste is carried out in two ways: by splicing small pieces of timber for packaging and the sale of sawdust for boiler plants.

Reflorestamento 2


All the wood used by Adezan is sourced from reforestation.

Comprovante Idoneidade

Proof of Origin

Adezan requests and controls the documentation confirming the suitability of the raw material purchased from its suppliers. State regularization certificates are required from its suppliers: CETESB, FATMA, IAP, SEMA and IBAMA.

Social Responsibility

The issue of corporate social responsibility has been a recurring theme in the business world. There is a growing concern on the part of Brazilian companies in understanding this concept and its dimensions and incorporating them into their reality. This has been no different for Adezan, which in recent years has been engaged in carrying out actions with the community, its employees and society itself.

Community Actions

Ações com comunidade
logo-adezan GOAS Project

Donation of recyclables (converted into funding by the institution) to the GOAS, which helps in the recovery and social reintegration of people with HIV/Aids/Drug Addiction; it disseminates knowledge on STD/AIDS prevention and promotes social actions of interest to the community in the western region of Greater São Paulo.


Project Conviver

Project Conviver is a socio-educational institution that works with children with disabilities or who suffer from neuromotor diseases.


Warm Clothing Campaign

Adezan promotes clothing collection campaigns every year with the purpose of encouraging solidarity among its employees and assisting the charitable institutions with which we maintain relationships.

Employee Actions

Ações com Funcionários

By promoting healthy habits, body care and work/life balance, the company expresses its commitment to the employee wellbeing.

Among the activities undertaken, we can highlight:

  • Labor Gymnastics: exercises that help relieve tension and improve posture, conducted daily in the units, with a team of qualified professionals;
  • Balanced diet with a menu prepared by a nutritionist;
  • Themed actions, celebrating dates such as: Carnival, Easter, women’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas, birthdays of the month and Labor Day.
Carnaval Prevent (Carnival Campaign)

Raising awareness of the importance of protection against sexually transmitted diseases with the delivery of educational material and condoms, encouraging the care that should be given to health.

logo-adezan Reading is a Pleasure Program

In our units we have books, magazines and comic books in order to:

  • Encourage reading and contact with books;
  • Make reading a pleasurable act;
  • Enable the integration of parents with their children through the project of making reading a family habit;
  • Encourage reading as a form of leisure and learning;
  • Show that the company cares about education.
Segurança Safety 

Physical safety, health and wellbeing are considered priorities for our company. For this reason, an internal work safety program has been developed to promote awareness and targets for the elimination of any identified risks, through projects such as:

  • SIPAT (internal occupational accident prevention week)
  • Labor Gymnastics
  • Risk mapping
  • Ergonomics
  • Training: machine to machine, retraining, integration, awareness raising.
Clima Organizational Climate

The employees’ relationship is based on dialogue and coexistence that aims to develop a pleasant environment and promote better quality of life.

Endomarketing Internal Marketing

The main tools of internal communication are: Email, bulletin boards, onboarding videos and internal campaigns.

Aprimoramento Training Programs

Adezan understands that its growth also depends on the growth and satisfaction of its employees. With that in mind, we systematically invest in improvement projects and offer subsidies that promote and encourage the expansion of employee knowledge.

Find out about some of our professional improvement programs:

  • Operational Training
  • Behavioral Development
  • Coaching
  • 5S program