Easy Pull

The most solution practical and cost-effective for distributors and processors
of glass that receive many glass shipments in containers.

O Easy Pull

Thinking about solving the problems of the entire logistics chain of our customers, we innovate once again by launching a new container loading solution, the Easy Pull.
The solution makes it easy to lift boxes and move them out of the container eliminating the need for a forklift or crane.

+Practical, +Fast and +Economical

Productivity increase

Easy Pull takes an average of 1 hour to 1.5 hours to fill a container.

Does not require infrastructure

Easy Pull requires no infrastructure other than a power source.

More agile safe

Increased agility and safety in the operation due to all lifted boxes moving to the load center, preventing them from tipping over.

Innovation for your operation

Access the Easy Pull user manual now

Always innovating, for your operation.




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