The Product

  • Product patented worldwide;
  • Constructed of steel and paper;
  • Steelcap weighs 64% less than traditional packages;
  • The lifting point is welded into the packaging, increasing safety in the product handling process;
  • Steelcap production is automated, generating product standardization;
  • Can be reused.*

Approximate Weight

Steelcap 25kg Wooden packaging 76kg

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Logistical Gains

  • Steelcap is narrower compared to traditional packaging design;
  • Up to 30% optimization during transport, allowing more boxes in Dry containers and even more in Open
    Top containers;
  • Transport of glass up to 2.20 m high in Dry containers and 2.50 m in HC containers;
  • Steelcap allows 30% more storage space for stocking.

Glass of 2.20m high in Dry Container Glass of 2,50m high in the High Cubic Container

Dry Container ou Open Top Container

Sustainable Product

Up to 13 units per Open Top Container


Steelcap composition does not include wood, and locking can be fully metallic, exempting it from treatment for exports.

Up to 24% less carbon emissions

If transporting 30% more packets per container

Steelcap is 100% recyclable

Steelcap is made of paper and recycled steel and can be easily recycled

Loading and Locking

The boxes are connected with metal staples, which help to maintain stability and increase safety during the loading and unloading process.